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The Sole Aim Which Prompted The Establishment Of This Institution And The Scope.


The Vivekananda College of Technology established as a charity organization in 2012, by social service activist Mr.K.Satguneswaran, in order to facilitate the marginalized youth to have access and acquire basic Computer knowledge to face the community.

About Our College

Vivekananda College of Technology facilitates Vocational & Technical Education to the school leavers, since 2012. As the achievement, College has succeeded on awarding more than 1000s’ of Trainers with NVQ Certificates. And also, it is really proud of obtaining QMS certificates which itself a certificate about Quality Management System as well (QMS).

In addition to that, service continues not only on providing Vocational Trainings, but also authorised with short term special courses to the employees/ workers, Training on language empowerment, Career Guidance Services and other related services.

Technical Courses (NVQ/Others)

Categorised courses to assist the basic skills and knowledge with trainings towards the demand of job and continuing the Higher Education. Vocational Training and Technology courses are generally facilitated with NVQ level certifications.

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Language Courses

Conducting especially Designed Language Courses such as Applied Language & trainings on Communication Skills; in order to persist the challenges faced on working environment, graduate studies in Universities or any other Higher Educational Institutions, Vocational Trainings, youth, students, etc.

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Short Term/Quick impact Courses

Short Term Courses; for the one who has already been employed or specialized & expertise on such skills, or willing to upgrade the new technology or related further skills along with the same field.

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Scheduling Workshops, seminars and Special Trainings to the target group/ population by our resource people who are experienced and expertise in such related fields.

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Spirituality Need
Gender Policy Need
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Along with Our College’s motto of “Poverty Mitigation”; College provides trainings to the school leavers and those who have missed the university enrolment, for the betterment of grabbing the employment or creating the demands in job fair.

At the end of the courses and trainings, TVEC authorised certificates will be provided.
Training courses are mostly designed with the certificates of NVQ – 3 /4 / 5.
Soft-skills and both Sinhala & English Language courses are freely assisted in-between the course and training programs.
Courses accomplish with field visit, industrial visit, in plant training program and career guidance services.

Trainers or learners are enrolled within the courses without considering their nationalities.
Life-skill programs and guidance would be scheduled among the course work.
Social Welfare and Volunteer activities are induced for forwarding, understanding and realizing their responsibilities among the society.

neither discriminates anyone nor tolerates anyone being discriminated on the basis of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, marital status, disability, age, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, gender identification, social and family background, linguistic preference, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by law in its educational programs, services or activities or in its hiring or employment practices.

Job oriented assured training. Conducting courses under the circumstance of NVQ level (TVEC).

Consisting human resources for orienting, modifying and upgrading the courses and training program based on the needs of employer, changes of time, demands on job fair, (which can be changed as new course)…

Alumni of the VCOT functions under the title of “Vivekananda Youth Team”.
“Vivekananda Youth Team” supports more on school students’ education and their progress on studies.

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