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Course consists all the basic financial aspects on handling credits, entering, registering, verifying, etc. These skills can be oriented towards the one who is much interested and willing to continue their career in the stream of Finance (Accounting) where their fundamental skills and knowledge can be attributed towards their success in any firms at the same aspects.

Entry requirements:

  • National identity card
  • O/L Qualification – (Maths “C” Credit Pass)
  • School leavers
  • Age Group 18-35

Course structure and modules:

  • M-1 Currency & Equivalents
  • M-2 Communication skill & Ethics
  • M-3 Regulation & Related laws
  • M-4 Collect cash & cash Equivalent
  • M-5 Basic accounts & commers
  • M-6 Maintain petty cash imprest
  • M-7 Make payments
  • M-8 MS office
  • M-9 Maintain cash book
  • M-10 Prepare & submit information