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CCTV & PABX Technician

This course supports and provides skills on comprehend manner in all the aspects of fixing CCTV camera and facilitating intercom, where their skills can enhanced and widen locally and internationally within a shorter period.

Entry requirements:

  • National identity card
  • school leavers

Course structure and modules:

  1. Introduction of Basic Surveillance devices
  2. Introduction of Power Voltage distribution
  3. Introduction Basic Computer Networking
  4. Introduction of CCTV System
  5. Router configuration with Practical
  6. Access Point configuration with Practical
  7. Caballing For CCTV Camera
  8. configuration of CCTV system
  9. Introducing DVR Monitoring Software
  10. Port Forwarding
  11. Troubleshoot CCTV system
  12. Maintain CCTV system
  13. Introduction of Basic Communication system
  14. Introduction of PIBX system
  15. Benefits/ Features of IP
  16. Determine intercom Accessories
  17. Installation of intercom Telephone (Voip), clients and PIBX
  18. Factors affecting voice quality
  19. Final Assignment and evaluation exam with Practical.