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Computer Network Technician

Course enhances the skills and knowledge of the follower who are entitled or willing to attempt in Computer Network Technician in future in all the aspects such as basic skills on networking, calculation on estimating the cost benefits of formulating networks and managerial skills, etc.

Entry requirements:

  • National identity card
  • Basic IT Knowledge
  • O/L Qualification
  • school leavers
  • Age Group 18-35

Course structure and modules:

  • M-1 Basic Computer Network theory
  • M-2 Plan Small Scale Network
  • M-3 Lay Physical Network
  • M-4 Fix Equipment
  • M-5 Configure Network Hardware and System Software
  • M-6 Setup/Configure small home & office Network (LAN)
  • M-7 Maintain Network
  • M-8 Troubleshoot Network