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Desk Top Publisher

Course consists all the basic applications on enhancing the skills towards type-writing, speed type writings and setups at their working environment for the betterment of their future.

Entry requirements:

  • National identity card
  • O/L Qualification
  • Age Group 18-35

Course structure and modules:

  • M-1 Basic computer operations for Desk Top Publishing
  • M-2 Setup Accessories / Machineries for Desk Top Publishing
  • M-3 Key texts
  • M-4 Select type / style
  • M-5 Scan images
  • M-6 Prepare Design
  • M-7 Format text and images
  • M-8 Prepare page layout
  • M-9 Other functions related to preparation of page layouts
  • M-10 Apply colours
  • M-11 Edit layouts
  • M-12 CO-ORDINATE Desk Top Publishing activities