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Tailoring Course

Tailoring course comprehends all the themes such as enhancing the skills and knowledge on designing various kinds of dresses, sewing dresses specially for women, basic skills on cutting, measuring, stitching for both children and women, etc. through which it is expected to enrich their future betterments.

Entry requirements:

  • National identity card
  • school leavers
  • Age Group 18-35

Course structure and modules:

  • M-1 Prepare order
  • M-2 Cut fabric
  • M-3 Perform preparation work for sewing
  • M-4 Sew lingerie’s
  • M-5 Sew shirt
  • M-6 Sew frocks & skirts
  • M-7 Sew saree jackets
  • M-8 Make the block template